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Video Mapping Using MindMeister

We are going to start creating videos in my class. We are going to start small and only make them 1 minute or less. The students are 7th and 8th grade combined and were put in groups of 3. I only have boys right now. It could be interesting to see what they come up with.

I want the kids to map out their video like a story board. We are going to use a free website called It seems user friendly and has a lot of options. I will have to report back what the boys think about the site.


Gmail Presentation to Video

My 7th and 8th technology classes are creating presentations (PowerPoint) using their Gmail accounts. We are basing the presentations on the four main words of our school credo (responsibility, respect, loyalty and truth). They need to come up with poems, find pictures, music, video clips and etc. that somehow demonstrate what these words mean. Once they have gathered their pieces of media they are going to put together their presentations.This gathering of media requires the use of several other technology tools that we cover as they come up.

I really like using Gmail because they can share their presentations with me and get feedback rather quickly. They can then change anything that is needed and be done. Also, they can access their assignments from home if they need to. Assignments aren’t limited to our server at school. No more excuses for lost homework, it is saved in the cloud.

Once the presentations are made ,and final, I download them to my computer as a PowerPoint file (.ppt). They can then be spliced into our schools biweekly video that we put on our TV in the school entry way. We do the video editing on IMovie. Sometime this becomes a little time consuming because we have to put all of the video together and make one large (longggg) video. The kids then get a chance to share their projects with the entire school and parents seem to really enjoy projects that the kids have created.

I would like to be able to add videos to a playlist (like an Itunes playlist) and have the playlist loop without having to re-render every time we add a new video clip. This will be the next thing to work on.

Kerpoof Review

I have recently been using Kerpoof with my 5th and 6th grade classes. I was excited to get to use it and the kids definitely love it. There is a lot of potential for kids to express themselves by creating digital storybooks and videos (movies). I was able to create a class account which then let me manage the students and have access to their creations and leave feedback, all for free with a Teacher account

Kerpoof Image


The problem that we are having is that when some students try to open their saved projects the ‘Kerpoof’ symbol comes up, but never gets to their project. So then they can’t access those projects to finish them. The projects that they can’t access are ‘storybooks’. The movies seem to work fine.

Overall, I think that Kerpoof is a great site with endless possibilities and it is all free.